Our software solution is a modular asset tracking system that helps to improve the maintenance, utilisation and financial management of your organisation’s asset inventory. It simplifies the processes and provides unprecedented visibility of every asset detail over its full lifecycle

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We can perform barcode asset audits and build an accurate database that tells you what assets you have, where they are located and a whole lot more.

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RFID, Barcodes, QR Codes, GPRS. RFID can be deployed on your business premises to track thousands of assets that are crucial to your business

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SAAMA Conference : 4 – 6 June 2018

 This year the SAAMA conference aim to explore Smarter approaches to enterprise asset management. With Industry 4.0 gaining momentum, permanent change is the new constant. From the daily fundamentals to strategically casting a futuristic vision, the focus is on doing these things Smarter.  Working Smarter will impact on the workforce (how they work and how they are managed), our assets (adapting to new and disruptive technologies) and operations (thinking differently about efficiency and connectedness).

SAAMA’s Membership

We are pleased to announce that ZA eDge (Pty) Ltd has been admitted as a member of SAAMA.

The South African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) is dedicated to the development of physical asset management in Southern Africa. As part of this drive, education and knowledge sharing is offered to members in the industry to further develop their own skills and understanding of asset management.


Reduce Man Hours in Asset Management

ZA eDge’s expertise in Asset Management is unsurpassed. Whether you are looking for bulk asset issue and return in construction, mining, defence or law enforcement or meticulous document management in the financial or legal sector, Hardcat has an active or passive RFID solution that suits.